• Hot Info: New Yamaha 125 Matik Glide Before Sport 250

    Before launching his motor sport 250, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) is rumored to be launching a new matik. Yup, matik 125 cc that had previously had a crowded so the talk in cyberspace! The reason Harga Yamaha R25 Kredit has submitted a test type for model on this one.

    "Before launching any more 250, matik 125," said General Manager Marketing Communication PT Community Development & YIMM, Eko Prabowo.

    But wait, this is not a new model will be launched this year. "Since the end of the year there is no addition of new products Harga Jupiter MX 2014 CW Moto Gp LiveryWe focus on selling only, "sure man this friendly.
    New Yamaha Matik is rumored to be using the platform of the machine and the same order of Xeon RC. But it is not yet clear, the extent to which Yamaha is going to make a change and what kind of concept. Clearly, this new motor is prepared for increased market share in the 125 cc class matik.

    When viewing the production plan on TPT number 1651/TPT/IUBTT/7/2013 (34632) has bagged the Yamaha 274.500 unit, the amount reached in a year, or about 22 thousand every month. twenty

  • Twenty Scorpa 2015: Motorcycle Trials for All Members of

    After so many months of waiting, and was present at the 2013 EICMA show in Milan, eventually releasing Scorpa Scorpa Scorpa Twenty Twenty Family 2015 Series 2015 consists of 3 variants of engine: 125cc, 250cc, and 300cc.

    It is said by the French manufacturer, the 2015 Series Motorcomcom Twenty Scorpa completely new, not like the Scorpa SR. Scorpa installing rigid frame and accurate, high-performance exhaust system, gas tank more forward, quick couplings and precision, progressive suspension, high volume air box, and aggressive colors for these trials bike family.

    Twenty New Scorpa 125cc inspired from the previous model, is designed to allow future champion to push beyond their limits. The engine has a long stroke with a new cylinder and a high-performance exhaust system. This model embraces the tie rod suspension to provide better traction.

    250cc and 300cc models, designed to meet all the needs of sports trials for beginners and professional riders. As with her ​​sister 125cc, 250cc all new models. Soft behavior in the run-down machine and suitable for technical fields Reaction engines of medium to upper rpm remarkable and without limit, while still easily controlled.

    300cc model is more powerful and allows the experienced rider against impossibilities. This motor is very suitable for those who are looking for extreme sensations.

  • Montesa Honda Cota 4RT 2015 More Powerful

    SLOUGH (DP) - Montesa Honda Cota 4RT is known as a reliable mounts in various championships trials. Do not be surprised of the athletes who drove it won many world titles.

    In order for users unmatched, Montesa Honda Cota 4RT 2015 get new suspension, fuel injection mapping and ignition revised to improve traction, especially in difficult terrain, and better throttle control.

    Engine braking (engine braking) is Motor Suzuki Terlengkap minimized to make the bike feel lighter and more easily controlled. While more open handlebars designed to reduce the burden of the rider's arms.

    Reshaped the brake master cylinder Motor Yamaha Tahun 2014 Sprocket rear, now, have a 41-tooth. The redesigned front fender with new graphics provide a more streamlined and sporty impression.

    Montesa Honda Cota 4RT Race Replica 2015 also received a number of improvements including in the braking, fender, pedal transmission. Showa suspension is maintained.

    Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260 2015 sold for 5.849 GBP or USD 115 million in the UK. Cota 4RT Race Replica 6.999 pounds or 138 million dollars. Both will be available in September 2014.

  • New Ways to Enjoy Polaris Slingshot Speed

    MEDINA (DP) - This is the third wheel, not a car with airbags. Control is different from other vehicles. Always wear a helmet and wear a belt when you drive a Polaris keselamatab Slingshot.

    Polaris Slingshot when viewed from the front that Motor Kawasaki Terbaru hides the tangible roadster Ecotec 4-cylinder engine of 2.4 liter of General. Tube-frame chassis bermaterial steel, the front suspension uses double wishbone with coil over guided sway bars.

    But when viewed from the rear, there is a single aluminum swing arm holds the tire is controlled by carbon fiber-reinforced drive belt. There are 173 hp jolt ready to play through the five-speed transmission.
    Slingshot is supported by the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Electronic Power-Assisted Steering. Vehicles 'crazy' is packed with a polymer body, guaranteed anti-collision and remain mild.

    A pair of seats covered with waterproof material, 4.3-inch LCD assisted rear camera, bluetooth, 6 speaker audio system is no USB input, ready to please you Motor Minerva Baru Slingshot presented with two options: Polaris Base Slingshot Slingshot US $ 19.999 and $ 23.999 SL full specs.

    Slingshot 255/35 R20 tires adopting SL in the rear, 225/45 R18 at the front.

  • Indian Roadmaster 2015 Comfortable, Stylish and performing

    MEDINA (DP) - In the 1940s, Indian Motorcycle used the Roadmaster name. And, Indian Roadmaster 2015 presents comfort, style and performance on the open road (open road), for the long term.

    The design is classic yet spunky tourer Motor Ducati Indonesia Three round headlights and large fender convey the impression of a classic. All lighting LED displays.

    Winshield can be set via button-press so that the Motor Honda Indonesia driver can direct the air flow at will, provide protection, and banish glare. Floor-boards can be arranged so that passengers comfortably.

    Heated handlebar position with 10 settings. Rider and passenger seats can be heated separately.

    Indian Motorcycle melesakkan Thunder Stroke 1181cc engine with 139 Nm of torque plus a 6-speed transmission. Front suspension telescopic fork and single rear shock.

    In the United States, the price of Indian Roadmaster 2015 from USD $ 26,999 or Rp 312 millions. There are three colors: red, black, red / white

  • Kris Meeke and Mads Otsberg Can evicted from Citroen WRC Team

    HELSINKI (DP) - Two pebalap Citroen WRC team Kris Meeke and Mads Ostberg will likely only get three chances to survive or hengkang from behind the steering DS3 WRC.

    Although the Citroen team boss Yves Matton, no decision will be a continuation of the second pebalap, but he just gives opportunity to Rally Australia which will take place September.

    "Plans to mid tie for Kris and Mads is to learn to recognize the car, Harga Yamaha T max 750 and half a season then they should get a result," Matton ungkao to Autosport.

    "I still give them a chance at three rallies before making a decision next year. They still have a Finnish series (this week), Germany, and Australia, so we see how it goes. "

    Responding to the Citroen team plan Meeke admitted quite comfortable Motor Bajaj Indonesia 2014 WRC series to seven Meeke only able to gain value in four series of the total value of 46 points, or seventh in the standings.

    While Otsberg receive better results by standing in fourth on 66 points.

  • Toyota Sales bag a 5 Million Vehicles

    TOYOTA CITY (DP) - Toyota Group (Toyota, Daihatsu, Hino) carve sales 5,097 million units in the world during the first half of 2014, Harga Honda Beat FI di Kediri total sales were up 3.8% over the same period in 2013.

    Toyota accounted for the largest sales with 4.528 million vehicles, Daihatsu and Hino 488 thousand units to 80 thousand units. Each brand rose 3.1%, 10.4%, and 2.6% in the same time span last year.

    In the production of the Toyota Group record 5,174,796 vehicles, up 2.4% dikomparasi with January-June 2013, Toyota donated 4,500,775 units (+ 0.9%), Daihatsu vehicles 586 950 (+ 16%) and Hino 87 071 units (- 0.1%).

    Production of the Toyota brand has increased for 2 consecutive years due to increased production in North America, Latin America, Harga Yamaha X Ride Mei 2014 Europe and Asia. They Daihatsu climbed steadily in 5 consecutive years as production in Indonesia has skyrocketed. Hino production rose in the last 5 years due to rising production in Asia.

  • Yamaha Trying to Create a Comfortable Atmosphere For Jorge Lorenzo

    GERNO IN LESMO (DP) - MotoGP Yamaha Team Director Massimo Meregalli, was pleased with the appearance of Valentino Rossi in the first part of 2014, although none achieved victory. Then what about Jorge Lorenzo?

    Jorge looks even worse when compared to Harga Motor Byson 2013 the 2010 season and 2012, where he won the world title. If dikomparasi with last year too.

    Best achievement in the first half of 2014 is located on the second podium in MotoGP Italy. In the rider standings Spanish rider's passport at No. 5, with a value of 97.

    "For me the ability Jorge showed in the 2014 Italian GP Harga Honda Verza Bekas We really hope to see him very strong in the second half of 2014, "please Massimo.
    "We worked very hard to create a comfortable atmosphere for him to win."

  • New Piaggio MP3 300 2015 More Convenient

    After launching the Piaggio MP3 500 2015 Piaggio MP3 300 now turn 2015 Both share the new platform. Both variants of the Piaggio MP3 using the results of redesigning order to provide stability and outstanding precision and wider use.

    Re sculpted seats that provide comfort. Triangle handlebars, seat and floor (footplate) contrived greater easier for the driver to drive it and control it.

    Passengers were comfortable with increasing the sitting room, and a more relaxed sitting position, plus the footpeg can be pulled out Harga Motor Ninja SS Storage space under the seat reshaped so that more Useful.

    Inside the trunk there is a 12v plug for charging the battery, covered with rugs and lamps. You can put 2 full-face helmet or a laptop.

    Piaggio MP3 is a 3-wheeled vehicle adopts the world's first integrated ABS with traction control ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation). ASR can be switched off easily.
    ASR ensures safety by preventing rear wheel slippage on slippery surfaces or uneven terrain. Piaggio Group became the first manufacturer to apply the traction control rear wheels for scooters.

    All wheel Piaggio MP3 300 2015 using disc brakes Harga Motor Vario Terbaru Front disc diameter greater than 240mm becomes 258mm to increase the strength and effectiveness of braking. While both front wheel diameter greater than 12 "to 13" compared to previous models.

    Piaggio 278cc engine put, 1-cylinder, SOHC, electronic injection. Power 23.1 hp and 24.3 Nm of torque.
    And, of course, is no less interesting Piaggio Group Style Center rejuvenates the appearance of the Piaggio MP3 with gray windshield, turn signal lights and a new main with 7 LED daytime running lights, LED taillights, new wheels, new handlebars, and others.

    This completes major Piaggio scooters with Piaggio Multimedia Platform, which can be connected to a smartphone, showing maps, routes, temapt attractions.

    Piaggio MP3 300 2015 consist of the type of Business and Sport.

  • Custom Bagger Ini Victory Magnum 2015 , Its Wow

    SPIRIT LAKE (DP) - Victory Motorcycles this week launched a custom edition of the standard, the Magnum 2015 Victory Guaranteed biker will not bother anymore to modify let me add cool.

    Follow the flow bagger, Victory Magnum will make people glance. Rounded body and sloping at the rear, 21-inch alloy wheels and best audio devices.

    The most lucrative custom paint Harga Minerva R150VX 2010 since extended to hidden details and blend is perfect every color.

    Looking into the engine, the Freedom V-Twin 106 ci (1,737 cc) has a torque of 143 Nm kick. Displacement 6-speed transmission is claimed the smoothest in its class.

    To enjoy the ride audio devices are supported by the 6-powered 100 watt speakers, if not satisfied there is an additional accessory that is placed in the saddlebag.
    668 mm seat riders presented and claimed to be the lowest in its class Daftar Harga CBR 250Bikers can track perfectly to keep the balance of the motor when not driving.

    For those who want to make it up to simply provide $ 21,999 (the price in America). yamaha

  • Confirmed ... .Yamaha secretly re-produce old Vixion !! ...

    Bro and sis and gentlemen ... the competition was to make a strategy change. If previously took a road ... because of the condition and potential of the B-was adopted. As happened in the old Vixion. Had stopped production in late 2013 ... .IWB get confirmation from sources that YIMM decided to re-produce the iron horse since March 2014. Weleh ....

    This information is already IWB received on February 27 last month but forgot to share all the information to fibrosis. Finally Harga Motor Supra X 125 Baru thanks to the testimony of several visitors stalls mergokin sijaran distribution Wesi ... memory like a sheet pulled back. Yup ... The process of distribution kedealer already underway fibrosis. The difference compared to the previous version only refreshment striping (still a rumor) without any change in the physical side. Yamaha seems reluctant to considering the design reworked gambling do enough preferred Vixion old and everlasting ... in the category.

    Last. ... .no Clear how much production 3C1 or so-called old Vixion. To be sure the vendor has been running since the beginning of March. Honda pressure that continues to bombard the sports market turns deadly force decision YIMM rectify the iron horse. A smart move from them. Why ?. For those who like the old design is still very much. Rather than forcing the biker shifting kekeuh keNVL ... .merekalah that must follow the will of the market. So ... Old Vixion ??. Do not be surprised if it looks didealer bro Harga Yamaha R15 250cc Confirmed again produced a scar ... .setidaknya this March. A trio of Honda's effort to hold strikes ??. maybe fibrosis


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